Experience Community Like Never Before

4 Reasons to Join FTE on Mighty Networks

FTE Leaders on Mighty Networks is an online community designed to connect diverse Christian young adults, students, and leaders of congregations, church-related organizations, and institutions.

FTE is excited to announce it's launch of a new and vibrant online network that brings together young adults and faith leaders in all stages of discernment. FTE Leaders on Mighty Networks is a curated and designed space for like-minded individuals to collaborate, connect, and grow together. Joining Mighty Networks will provide meaningful connections, expand your imagination of ministry, and serve as a crucial resource on your vocational journey. Here's a look at the top benefits to joining!

Connection + Diversity: Unlike social media platforms, FTE Leaders on Mighty Networks allows its community to interact with one another directly and also in interest-focused cohorts all within a curated space created so each member can feel seen, valued, empowered, and inspired. This growing network is an opportunity to connect with with diverse peers and other change-agents, faith leaders, and Christian visionaries.

Topic Driven + Focused Conversation: In this community, FTE provides peer and intergenerational spaces for its wide network of leaders within the church, academy, and beyond to engage with one another, share meaningful resources about vocational discernment, and inspire each other to shape a better future together.

Exclusive Workshops + Resources: As a Christian organization striving to serve the next generation of leaders, we are committed to equipping young adults and partners with the tools they need to navigate their call while deepening their relationship with God. As a member of this network, you will have first access to FTE resources and content such as inspirational videos, workshops, podcast episodes, books, gatherings, giveaways, course discounts, and more.

No Ads + No Social Media Noise: Can FTE Leaders on Mighty Networks do everything that a Facebook group can? Why, yes and so much more! What we love about moving to Mighty Networks is that each member and network get all the benefits of social media without the clutter of noise from other social networks. Mighty Networks focuses on community and FTE's space is customized to host conversations around the challenges and questions you are exploring about faith, discernment, purpose, and meaning.